Re: [vserver] Create a new virtual on debian - some problem

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Date: Tue 20 Apr 2010 - 08:47:43 BST
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Quoting "Jeff Jansen" <>:

> wrote on 2010-Apr-20:
>> I'd also like to point out that there's 2.6.32 Linux-Vserver kernels in the
>> repo now too, which are also good.
> I'd be interested to hear about the experiences of folks who are using the
> vserver kernel and util-vserver packages from Does it "solve"
> the problems that the standard lenny kernels have?
> Is backports tracked by the debian security team? It looks like it
> from here:
> but I thought you were "on your own" for security in backports. :-)
> Jeff Jansen

Backported 2.6.32 kernels work really well, they are more of less
current patches and so much better than 2.6.26 from Lenny.

I made this page section for Sid which is also relevant if you want to
use cgroups: . You'd need to apply the
patch for Lenny: , or get a newer
util-vserver somehow also (for cgroups, most other stuff works).

There is no version of util-vserver. I personal mainly
use a slightly patched version of Lenny's util-vserver, or the one

You aren't "on your own" with backports, the difference is that
backports aren't managed in the same way. So far as I understand it,
individual packages are maintained by people who aren't necessarily
official Debian package maintainers. Most of them will release
security updates when updated packages are available in Sid, but as
you know fixes aren't gauranteed to be timely in Sid. Some backports
maintainers will also patch independently of sid updates too.

 From Ben Green

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