Re: [vserver] Create a new virtual on debian - some problem

From: Corey Wright <>
Date: Tue 20 Apr 2010 - 17:29:38 BST
Message-ID: <40441.corey.1271780978.squirrel@squirrelmail>

On Tue, April 20, 2010 2:47 am, wrote:
> Quoting "Jeff Jansen" <>:
>> wrote on 2010-Apr-20:
>>> I'd also like to point out that there's 2.6.32 Linux-Vserver kernels in
>>> the
>>> repo now too, which are also good.
>> I'd be interested to hear about the experiences of folks who are using
>> the
>> vserver kernel and util-vserver packages from Does it
>> "solve"
>> the problems that the standard lenny kernels have?
>> Is backports tracked by the debian security team? It looks like it
>> from here:
>> but I thought you were "on your own" for security in backports. :-)
>> TIA
>> Jeff Jansen
> Backported 2.6.32 kernels work really well, they are more of less
> current patches and so much better than 2.6.26 from Lenny.
> I made this page section for Sid which is also relevant if you want to
> use cgroups: . You'd need to apply the
> patch for Lenny: , or get a newer
> util-vserver somehow also (for cgroups, most other stuff works).

i previously backported a cgroup-ns patch from util-vserver cvs to lenny's
package to address what you noted at the bottom of
 i don't currently have access to that patch, but when i do later this
week, i'll attach it to a follow-up to this email.

to the original poster, i've posted how to backport testing's/squeeze's
util-vserver (with patch). i've built and am using the resulting package,
but i don't have anywhere to host it. i'm not going to approach with the package, but i would support the effort if someone
else wanted to.

my production environment uses 2.6.27 and the lenny util-vserver with
minor patches (conservative) while my testing environment uses 2.6.32 and
the backport (not exactly bleeding edge, but more progressive).

> There is no version of util-vserver. I personal mainly
> use a slightly patched version of Lenny's util-vserver, or the one
> from
> You aren't "on your own" with backports, the difference is that
> backports aren't managed in the same way. So far as I understand it,
> individual packages are maintained by people who aren't necessarily
> official Debian package maintainers. Most of them will release
> security updates when updated packages are available in Sid, but as
> you know fixes aren't gauranteed to be timely in Sid. Some backports
> maintainers will also patch independently of sid updates too.

see the bottom of for simplified security update policy or for the site's

> Cheers,
> ==
> From Ben Green


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