Re: [vserver] Future of the vserver project

From: Christoph Pleger <>
Date: Wed 08 Jul 2020 - 09:25:33 BST
Message-ID: <3148900.1OjE34F4Do@superstar>


> > Will there ever be a patch for kernel newer than 4.9.159,
> > which is already quite old,
> There is already ...
> Just the automatic wiki update is not working anymore and
> I didn't bother to fix it yet ... and I forgot to update
> the page manually :)
> > for example for the 4.19 longterm kernel?
> This always depends on the interrest of the community.
> LXC seems to be 'good enough' for most folks working with
> isolation nowadays, so the 'demand' has declined.

Unfortunately, some things do not work in an LXC user mode container. For
example, user space nfs server ganesha fails there because of an unsupported
system call. And a longer time ago, I read that an LXC root mode container is
completely insecure, with almost no protection between host and guest.
Therefore, I'd be very glad about patches for newer kernels.

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