Re: [vserver] Future of the vserver project

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Date: Wed 08 Jul 2020 - 10:35:39 BST
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I would support Christoph at this point. I experimented some times with LXC/LXD, but I didn't find it very "handy". Sure, my problem, but in contrast to a running vserver-installation this is not my favoured solution. I set up a vserver-installation a short time ago and if this is running once, you have a stable and isolatded environment, that is "easy-to-use", if you got the basics. I regularly checked the site for an update, more recent than for "4.9.159", but OK, I'll check

next time. ;-)

I would be interested in an update too, for example for the 4.19 longterm kernel as proposed by @Christoph. I think, this project is worth the effort to have an up-to-date kernel-branch-support. But, if you say "and/or somebody is willing to sponsor development for a new kernel branch", the question is, how we can realize that?! Would be crowdfunding a possible variant? Any other ideas for that?


> Hello,
> > > Will there ever be a patch for kernel newer than 4.9.159,
> > > which is already quite old,
> >
> > There is already ...
> >
> >
> > Just the automatic wiki update is not working anymore and
> > I didn't bother to fix it yet ... and I forgot to update
> > the page manually :)
> >
> > > for example for the 4.19 longterm kernel?
> >
> > This always depends on the interrest of the community.
> >
> > LXC seems to be 'good enough' for most folks working with
> > isolation nowadays, so the 'demand' has declined.
> Unfortunately, some things do not work in an LXC user mode container. For
> example, user space nfs server ganesha fails there because of an unsupported
> system call. And a longer time ago, I read that an LXC root mode container is
> completely insecure, with almost no protection between host and guest.
> Therefore, I'd be very glad about patches for newer kernels.
> Regards
> Christoph
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