[vserver] Apache unable to bind

From: Phil Daws <uxbod_at_splatnix.net>
Date: Mon 23 Apr 2012 - 09:17:57 BST
Message-ID: <1580908379.53828.1335169077086.JavaMail.root@splatnix.net>

Hello all,

I moved a guest between servers over the weekend and when I attempted to start it I received the following error:

Starting httpd: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address

I checked its etc/hosts and that did not have the loopback address in it. I even tried binding the IP address on Listen in httpd.conf.

There are two other guests on the server that run an Apache instance and NGINX as-well. I shut both of them down and then the moved guest could happily start Apache. If I shut everything down and started the NGINX guest first followed by the existing Apache instance both work fine.

Any thoughts as to why this moved guest cannot start Apache ? It is though something is completely glomming port 80 :(

Thanks, Phil 
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