Re: [vserver] Fwd: Re: 3.2.9 and locking problem

From: Ghislain <>
Date: Tue 13 Mar 2012 - 08:33:47 GMT
Message-ID: <>

> alternatives and better solutions are always welcome, I
> do not use xfs personally, so we could as well remove the
> tagging stuff if there is some kind of feature in xfs which
> provides similar functionality (or nobody wants this kind
> of functionality with xfs :)
> best,
> Herbert

i think xfs has somethign called project quota that is close to the
tagging as for the quota limiting part. Mainly you looose group quota to
have project quota:

    Q: Quota: What's project quota?

The project quota is a quota mechanism in XFS can be used to implement a
form of directory tree quota, where a specified directory and all of the
files and subdirectories below it (i.e. a tree) can be restricted to
using a subset of the available space in the filesystem.

    Q: Quota: Can group quota and project quota be used at the same time?

No, project quota cannot be used with group quota at the same time. On
the other hand user quota and project quota can be used simultaneously.

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