Re: [vserver] Building on CentOS 6.2

From: Phil Daws <>
Date: Fri 03 Feb 2012 - 15:15:56 GMT
Message-ID: <>


Really appreciate that as it has helped us to move forward :) Once I fixed the init scripts we can now build a CentOS6 VS but when starting it up it returns the error:

[root@testvserver01 centos6-basevs]# vserver centos6-basevs start
Entering non-interactive startup
vshelper.init: can not determine xid of vserver 'centos6-basevs'; returned value was ''

This usually means that you're using an init-less init-style, but the
guest isn't configured to start any service. Try enabling a service,
changing the init-style, or making the contexts persistent.

An error occured after executing the vserver startup sequence. This
means that some processes may exist in the created context and the
manual execution of

  /sbin/vserver '/etc/vservers/centos6-basevs' stop

is recommended to fix this.

I have checked /etc/vservers/centos6-basevs and that has the correct context:

[root@testvserver01 centos6-basevs]# cat /etc/vservers/centos6-basevs/context

Do we need to do something different in the latest releases of vserver and util-vserver ?

Thanks, Phil
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> Here's the patched src.rpm that I use.
> Should work on RHEL6 and clones thereof (Scientific, CentOS).
> Phil Daws wrote:
> > Have also attempted to back level and patch version 3.2.27 but that
> > fails as-well :(
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