Re: [vserver] Up-to-date stable version?

From: Arnaud Gomes-do-Vale <>
Date: Wed 12 Aug 2009 - 14:51:27 BST
Message-ID: <>

Herbert Poetzl <> writes:

> sounds like a hardware/driver issue, I presume you'll
> get the very same messages without the Linux-VServer patch
> too (i.e. with vanilla, which I'd suggest to
> test first), but anyways, if you can provide the bootup
> log and a sample of those messages, we probably can pinpoint
> the responsible driver/component

Here are the relevant logs:

I had to move a few production services on the box earlier than I
wanted to so I can't do much disruptive testing; on the other hand it
doesn't look like the box has any real issues except those messages.

The packages I made are available online if anybody wants to do any
further testing:

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