Re: [vserver] 3 basic questions

From: Ed W <>
Date: Tue 11 Aug 2009 - 19:56:05 BST
Message-ID: <>

Herbert Poetzl wrote:
>> e.g. i want to rent a guest "machine" to people but can't be bothered
>> with how/what they firewall, then i want them to be able te make
>> sure it's firewalled (or not). and i don't care if that's bad practice
>> or not. i just want iptables in my guests and that's not possible
>> with vserver (which i can imagine, is a "problem" for some people)
> obviously you didn't read my reply, because a) it _is_ possbile
> and b) it is not really smart to let the guest do the firewalling :)

I haven't played with network namespaces - assuming it all integrates
fine, can someone give some examples of using it? Yes I write this
having not tried google, but hopefully you will be gentle...

Is there any way it would make sense to integrate these "network
namespaces" more tightly with vserver? (Again asked without having read
up on what this actually means?)

Sounds interesting anyway!

Quite clearly the future is going to increasingly involve virtualisation
- I imagine many of these solutions will start to collide and overlap as
time goes by


Ed W
Received on Tue Aug 11 19:56:15 2009

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