Re: [vserver] Up-to-date stable version?

From: Ed W <>
Date: Wed 12 Aug 2009 - 15:47:58 BST
Message-ID: <>

Rik Bobbaers wrote:
> hmm... constant source of instability... i wouldn't say that. but there
> was an issue some time ago. a lot of people seem to use it without any
> problems.

Agree that although I am only a very small sample I have a bunch of
30-40 virtual machines (mostly just running one service) on 3 physical
boxes and haven't ever had any problems that I can trace to either
vserver or grsec (caveat we had a brief problem when merging the recent
2.6.29/grsec/vserver patches together, but I think that can be written
off as an anomoly during a big code merge?)

I'm hardly hammering any of the machines though

> but it's only to be used when you KNOW what you're doing, because some of
> the hardening features tend to break some softwares, so you have to be
> careful

Yeah, someone asked how the RBAC stuff worked with vserver. I hadn't
even tried to use this, but I presume you end up having to restrict
everything in the host context somehow? Anyone played with that?

Apart from that just remembering you are fundamentally playing with a
bunch of chroot's and not sawing off the branch you are sitting on when
setting up the kernel stuff is the key thing.

Good luck

Ed W
(One very satisfied user)
Received on Wed Aug 12 15:48:13 2009

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