Re: [vserver] Nagios monitoring of host

From: John A. Sullivan III <>
Date: Thu 23 Jul 2009 - 17:14:04 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Thu, 2009-07-23 at 07:48 -0700, Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> John A. Sullivan III wrote:
> > On Thu, 2009-07-23 at 06:28 -0700, Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> >> I'm just getting started with Nagios but would like to get some LV hosts
> >> monitored. I have several guests being monitored already but since
> >> there is no specific functionality visible to the network for a host I
> >> am wondering if anyone has come up with a good method to do this.
> >>
> >> Thanks.
> >>
> >>
> >> \\||/
> >> Rod
> >
> > Hi, Rod. I am about ready to launch such a project myself but I'm not
> > sure I understand the issue; it seems pretty straightforward to me.
> > Could you elaborate on what you see as the problem?
> Time and knowledge. The ISP I do contract work for is moving its
> hardware location and business office, and moving to a whole new IP
> range. This under some sudden time constraints. :-(
> Throw in replacing WhatsUpGold with Nagios, upgrading the hardware
> for the LV hosts, and a few other things I can't mention or remember and
> the time-thing gets to big.
> Currently I'm just using check_ping on the hosts but was thinking there
> might be a better check, especially for LV, and this is where the
> knowledge-thing comes into play.
> Cursed I am: living in interesting times! :-)
> Rod
That is a lot of change all at once! However, for the one issue you
addressed, I would think check ping would do just fine. Use check ping
to ensure the underlying host is alive and make the host the parent of
the guests. For more complicated scenarios, e.g., compound
dependencies, Nagios does have a powerful dependency check but that
seems overkill if I understand your needs correctly. Am I missing
something? Thanks - John

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