[vserver] Multiple visible IPs per guest

From: Roderick A. Anderson <raanders_at_cyber-office.net>
Date: Thu 21 May 2009 - 21:40:25 BST
Message-ID: <4A15BC39.3060203@cyber-office.net>

I am moving a few Vserver hosts to a new IP range then to a new colo but
not all at once. So I'm thinking I'd add the new IPs to the host and
guests and make the necessary DNS entries. When the physical move time
comes, down time will not include re-IPing. Once in place I'll take the
old IPs out one at a time.

_In theory_ this should work fine but I do have a couple of questions
that came from some network work (fumbling) I was doing the other day.

On "The Great Flower Page" under the sub-section



When this file exists, the interface will be named with the text in this
file. Without such an entry, the IP will not be shown by ifconfig but by
ip addr ls only. Such a labeled interface is known as an "alias" also
(e.g. 'eth0:foo').

1) If I leave this out for the new IP are there any network issues I
might run into?

2) If left out for the current IP are there any issues?


Received on Thu May 21 21:40:46 2009
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