RE: [vserver] Kernels for Lenny + CPU Hard scheduling

From: <>
Date: Tue 19 May 2009 - 07:22:08 BST
Message-ID: <>


> No, I think in general I'd like people to compile their own modules.
> I'll try to roll up a source package for the kernels, that way
> anyone could compile modules with module-assistant.
> ==
> From Ben Green

Okay, that's now done, there are source packages available. So, to
compile an nvdia module, install the kernel in question, along with
the appropriate source and headers packages. For example:

would be the choice on an 32-bit setup. Then install module-assistant
and run as root:

module-assistant a-i nvidia

to compile the nvidia module. Let me know how you get on.

 From Ben Green
Received on Tue May 19 07:24:24 2009

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