Re: [vserver] Google Summer of Code anyone?

From: Remigiusz Modrzejewski <>
Date: Wed 18 Mar 2009 - 19:49:18 GMT
Message-Id: <>

Wednesday 18 of March 2009 12:48:10 Herbert Poetzl napisał(/a):
> thanks for the info, and sorry for the late reply
> Linux-VServer did register as organization with GSoC
> at the earliest possible time. the ideas suggested can
> be found here:

That's cool news. And three of the ideas sound real cool for me :)
One single idea that I had for GSoC project was: making the hard links
breaking work in a fashion that keeps the files hardlinked inside a guest.
But I lost touch, maybe that's been done already, or is too trivial?

> we'll see what the GSoC folks decide soon ...

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Remigiusz 'lRem' Modrzejewski

Członek Koła Naukowego Sfera
Received on Wed Mar 18 19:49:33 2009
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