[vserver] Scrapped quota after kernel update (was: Number of open files inside VServer doesn't work)

From: Thorsten BŁker <mailinglists_at_bueker.net>
Date: Tue 27 May 2008 - 21:43:26 BST
Message-ID: <483C726E.6020405@bueker.net>

Hi Daniel, hi together,

thanks for the reply and sorry for the delayed response.

> You don't really want to give the guest CAP_SYS_RESOURCE... If you haven't
> limited the guest already in /etc/vservers/<guest>/ulimits/nofile*, pam
> should be able to set those limits (with recent utils).

Well, as a fixed version of APC Opcode appeared, there's no further need
to raise the number of files -- so i removed the bcapability.

> ... since this does use pam.

Thanks for clarification!

>> The kernel configuration of VServer,
>> used in combination with backported util-vserver 0.30.210-8bpo2, looks
>> as follows:
> Upgrade your utils, and your kernel. Both are known to be problematic.

Performing just minor changes in the kernel (enabling userland nfs
server) I upgraded to Now quota support, which formerly
worked fine, is scrapped ;-)

The setup equals to http://linux-vserver.org/Standard_non-shared_quota

Calling quotaon inside the vserver leads to "quotaon: using
/home/aquota.user on /dev/hdv4 [/home]: No such device or address".

vserver:/# ls -al /dev/hdv4
brw-r--r-- 1 root root 4, 5 Dec 23 2006 /dev/hdv4

The ccapability "quota_ctl" remained unchanged.

Is the age/version of the vroots of relevance? Detaching them with the
current vserver-utils fails ("ioctl(): No such device or address"), thus
I didn't try to setup fresh ones with the new kernel.

Unfortunately the host system's distribution (offering no external
services at all) needs to be run with Debian Sarge for at least some
weeks. Did anybody backport a version beyond 0.30.210-8bpo2? I didn't
fetch anything via google.

kind regards,
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