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From: Guillaume Pratte <>
Date: Wed 27 Sep 2006 - 15:13:44 BST
Message-id: <>

Tom Laermans a écrit :

>I was planning to make something similar like this, but with a different
>sort of "backend", being an extension into snmpd. I've made different
>scripts already to be able to monitor daemon stuff through cacti, and
>was planning on making on one side some nice graphs about load and
>memory and such, and otherwise an overview page with all the info on it.
I would suggest you look at collectd :

It collects system information every 10 seconds and writes it into an
RRD database. It is implement in C and seems to consume almost nothing
in term of ressources on the host. It can monitor vservers too! And it
is dead simple to configure.

It comes with a simple Perl CGI script to display the graphs. Have a
look at these examples :

The first two links point to the server of the author of collectd
(Sebastien Harl). The second is an example of vserver monitoring. The
third link is my personnal machine.

I plan to integrate collectd to vsmon eventually.

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