Re: [Vserver] DRBD and vservers

From: Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>
Date: Thu 13 Jul 2006 - 09:58:48 BST
Message-ID: <>

Martin Fick wrote:
> --- Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <> wrote:
>>Martin Fick wrote:
>>>I am using drbd with vservers and I am running
>>>into a problem trying to make drbd devices go
>>>secondary, they report a device busy problem.
> ...
>>>I have several vservers and each one has its own
>>>drbd device so that they can be migrated
>>>independently from one host to another. The
>>>problem is that when a vserver is stopped and
>>>another vserver which was started after the first
>>>vserver is still running, the drbd device for the
>>>first device remains busy despite the fact that
>>>it is not mounted in any namespace anymore. It's
>>>as if vservers keep a reference to any
>>>filesystems mounted before they were started even
>>>if they are not visible within the vserver? Is
>>>there anyway to fix this?
>>Yes, you can enable namespace cleanup. I'm not sure
>>which version of the
>>patch is in the current Debian package, it might
>>need an update, but if
>>you have a working version, you should be able to
>>/etc/vservers/.defaults/namespace-cleanup and any
>>guests you start after
>>that will not copy all the mounts.
> OK, this seems to work, the drbd devices are no longer
> busy.
> The strange part is that it alaso removes all but the
> last mount from the current df and mount listings in
> the host namespace. This has another nasty side
> effect: when using the FileSystem ocf script with
> heartbeat, it can no longer unmount any of the hidden
> filesystems so I am back to the same point, unable to
> failover gracefully.
> I guess I could modify the FileSystem script to use
> /proc/mounts instead of the mount command, but it
> still seems wrong to not be able to see my filesystems
> when I use df. Is there a better workaround / fix to
> this namespace cleanup behavior?

That means the Debian package has the original version of the patch,
which is slightly broken in that regard. ;) As a quick fix, you can edit
/usr/lib*/util-vserver/vserver.functions:_namespaceCleanup and add -l -n
to the umount command.

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
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