Re: [Vserver] DRBD and vservers

From: Martin Fick <>
Date: Thu 13 Jul 2006 - 16:15:43 BST
Message-ID: <>

--- Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <> wrote:
> >>Martin Fick wrote:
> > The strange part is that it alaso removes all but
> > the last mount from the current df and mount
> > listings in the host namespace. This has another
> > nasty side effect: when using the FileSystem ocf
> > script with heartbeat, it can no longer unmount
> > any of the hidden filesystems so I am back to the
> > same point, unable to failover gracefully.

> That means the Debian package has the original
> version of the patch,
> which is slightly broken in that regard. ;) As a
> quick fix, you can edit
> and add -l -n to the umount command.

Great, that was very helpful, it worked splendidly!
You have been very helpful.

Finally vservers on drbd failing over gracefully using
heartbeat! I am a little surprised that it has been
so complicated to get right. I have been fighting
with the process for about a week now.
I have had to modify the drbd ocf, the Filesystem ocf
and the vserver.functions scripts along with creating
a vserver ocf script. Am I the only one to ever do
this? I know that people are using vservers with
drbd, are they not using heartbeat?


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