[Vserver] Vserver-plugin for openQRM released

From: Matt Rechenburg <matteverywhere_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Thu 13 Jul 2006 - 11:45:31 BST
Message-ID: <550e89830607130345o64f4eecfv49b284e8bbe47615@mail.gmail.com>

Dear Vserver community,

first thank you for the Vserver-project !

Since Vserver is one of the main-stream virtualization components today i am
glad to announce that the openQRM-Team created a Vserver-plugin and released
it to the open-source world.
("openQRM" is an open-source, data-center management system. Pls find it at

This Vserver-plugin adds some unique features to the openQRM-server like :
- fast and user-friendly partitioning/virtualization via Vserver
- management of remote Vserver-Hosts
- logical abstraction of Servers/Services to allow flexible and dynamic
migration from real/physical systems to Vserver-partitions
- enhanced network virtualization for Vserver (generic network-device names
in the partitions)
- fully supports shared-images (one filesystem for many partitions)
- ... and more

As you all here in this list are most familiar with Vserver any comments and
feedback would be more than welcome.

hope it is usefull for you, many thanks in advance,


- Keeps your Data-Center Up and Running

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