Re: [Vserver] The nano-vserver package.

From: Joel Soete <>
Date: Mon 26 Dec 2005 - 15:15:19 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hello Mike,

Michael S. Zick wrote:
> Joel,
> I got past my self created problems last night
> and have had a good night's sleep.
> I think my planned package is complete, I wanted
> to review it with someone, I will try to be brief...
> This is a single file, perhaps sized to fit on a cdrom.
> Any Linux system, any hardware, that recognizes
> the filesystem used (currently Reiser-3) may turn
> the file into a device with losetup, and then just
> mount it somewhere in the directory tree.
> What they will find under <mount_point> is:
> <mount_point>/baby/src
> All of the virgin source tarballs used.
> <mount_point>/baby/doc
> The step-by-step guide and ...
> <mount_point>/refbox
> The reference vserver based on Bash
> and BusyBox. This is the single point
> location of software to share with other
> vservers.
> <mount_point>/vsbox01
> An example of a vserver system built by
> linking to the <refbox> softwares.
> Any Linux system that runs the kernel and
> processor that the software was built for can
> run the vservers "out of the box".
> Currently that means Linux-2.6.14 with Vs-2.0.1
> on an i686 compatable machine.
> The reference vserver has a non-standard layout.
> The view from the inside <refbox>:
> The base install is a static Bash, the dynamic loader,
> the three common dynamic libraries and the dynamically
> linked BusyBox that shows up in: /sbin, /bin, /lib, /etc
> This is a full Bash, including UDP and TCP i/o
> and the combination provides over 200 of the
> common terminal commands.
> This base install is 5.08 Mb. But I may have forgotten
> to strip the binaries.
> No 'init' program, you can do that with a Bash script.
> The BusyBox has a linuxrc and an init but I haven't
> tried them.
> Additional software that can turn the base-install
> into a minimum-install system is present under the
> /opt/<vender_name/* trees.
> These can be linked to if a more normal minimum
> Linux system is desired.
> Everything that makes this system self maintainable
> should be present. Currently:
> /opt/gnu/bash (1.59 Mb)
> The full, dynamically linked Bash
> /opt/gnu/coreutils (8.23 Mb)
> The full, dynamically linked CoreUtils - all of
> them a version that understands extended file
> attributes and file access control lists.
> /opt/sgi (1.98 Mb)
> The full, dynamically linked ATTR and ACL toolset.
> /opt/schily (1.05 Mb)
> The full, dynamically linked star program and friends.
> This is an alternative to gnu-tar that correctly handles
> extended file attributes and file control lists.
> /opt/tecgraf ( tiny )
> The Lua programming language. Both the interactive
> and the command line versions. Also directions on
> how-to add this to the host's bin-formats included.
> Lua is ideal for writing human readable, machine
> executable, configuration files and scripts.
> I think that is all. Still scratching my head over including
> external readline and gettext packages.
> The question is because I can build Lua for none, use
> the Bash libraries, or use the external packages.
> The view from inside <vsbox01> will have a more typical
> layout of the first and second level directory trees.
> This will only be an example - the user will be encouraged
> to pick and choose what to link to inside of <refbox>.
> The total is less than 20Mb - lots of room to play with
> other setups. You can make a star-ball of whatever
> you build inside the loop-file when ready to put it on
> the real filesystem somewhere.
> Should be both educational for people who build their
> own and useful as is to run common services.
> The BusyBox has ftp, rpm and apt tools, should be
> able for a vserver to install whatever it needs
> from the network.
looks to me fine ;-)

> What common tool set have I overlooked?
> Do you see anything that really must be included?
just one thought (just because it seems to be a std de facto), may some sshd to be able login the vps, tough?

> For anything with more features, a person should
> start with a Linux base system from a distributor.
> Mike

Thanks a lot,

PS: I am finishing my recipe to re-use a chrooted disk on hppa box and will try asap to build 'baby' and vbox on my parisc-linux box
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