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From: Christian Heim (christian.th.heim_at_gmx.de)
Date: Mon 02 May 2005 - 05:44:21 BST

On Monday 02 May 2005 00:38, Werner Schalk ( WS )wrote:
>apologies for not providing all information necessary. As I said I am trying
>to copy an existing vserver to create a new one. So I created a little perl
>script that basically does the following:

No problems so far ;) was only a kind reminder ;) since i got no magic wizard
like Herbert does.

>- Copy the entire vserver (template) directory (/vservers/template) to a new
>one (/vservers/customer1)
>- Copy all the config files in /etc/vservers/template
>to /etc/vservers/customer1
>- Edit /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow inside of /vservers/customer1
>- Edit the IP, context number, nodename and name files
>in /etc/vservers/customer1
>- Correct the /etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase/customer1 link to point
>to /etc/vservers/customer1
>Optionally I will (whenever this thing works) edit /etc/hostname,
> sshd_config inside the new vserver etc.

Got a similar script here, which das exactly the same. It's actually a shell

>I am on Gentoo with version 0.30.205-r1 of the util-vserver and kernel
>Whenever I try to start the new vserver I get:
># vserver test321 start
> * Caching service dependencies...

That sounds familiar. Try to delete /var/lib/init.d/* *INSIDE* the vserver.
So for your case this might be:
$ rm -rf /vservers/test321/var/lib/init.d/*

>And that's it?! How can I debug this, how can I solve this? Any ideas?

Well as Herbert already stated, gentoo saves information about the started and
stopped services in /var/lib/init.d.

>Thanks and all the best,


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