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From: Alex Lyashkov (support_at_freevps.com)
Date: Tue 02 Mar 2004 - 21:09:42 GMT

, 02.03.2004, 22:52, Dariush Pietrzak :
> > > 4) IPv6 support. Zones have it, vserver does not.
> > It realy need ? i see only one-two request to this feature. if i have
> I don't need it. At least not this year, maybe two years from now.
> I was just making a quick list of things that you get with Solaris Zones
> and you can't get from vserver solutions.
> > four-five requests i add handle ipv6 protocol to my branch.
> I've seen 2 or 3 requests from some french hackers on irc.
> I don't really think there's a need for that right now, it's just that
> would be neat thing to have, there's a natural attraction between large
> pool of addresses and vservers ( it's relatively easy to get 2^16 pool of
> addresses in ipv6 space, it's very hard to get even C class in ipv4 ).
It can be created with 2 layer routing tables. I create basic stuff for
this and this idea can be used for work any protocol. I think same idea
used in Virtuozo.

> > It easy with private disk namespace. I create it for FreeVPS.
> What exactly are those 'private namespaces' in kernel context?
> It gets mentioned often enough, but I still don't understand what that is.
> Where can I find some relevant info? google spews some unrelated basic
> stuff..
oh.. I don`t know where get info. I do analyze kernel sources -
fs/namespace.c and all points where using "struct namespace".
Sample for this copy_namespace and sys_pivot_root functions in

Alex Lyashkov <support_at_freevps.com>
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