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From: vserver-list_at_austin.seaip.com
Date: Tue 29 Oct 2002 - 17:06:12 GMT

hmmm. thanks for the commentary.

i know ibm and cisco have working iscsi software, but i haven't done
anything meaningful with either yet. will keep posted.

also, raidzone is coming out with converting their opennas product to be
iscsi functional. i'm sure everyone has seen their ads in sysadmin
magazine, etc.


On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Mefford, Aaron wrote:

> I have this same question. I would love to know what experience people have
> had with the use of iSCSI in general and more specifically with a vserver
> solution.
> For the matter of NFS, I would typically agree with you but experience has
> show that Network Appliance makes nfs work well. I have worked with
> environments that leverage Netapps for several years now and found that the
> typical problems people identify with NFS are not present when using Netapp.
> Also, Netapp has promised to provide iSCSI support when it becomes an
> official standard.
> So if you can't find another solution for centralized storage (short of
> EMC/fiber) consider the Netapp and NFS. If you do find a working solution I
> would love to hear about it.
> Aaron
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> Subject: [vserver] iSCSI
> i'm really interested in consolidating vserver storage centrally, but
> don't want a net fs such as nfs/smb.
> has anyone played with iSCSI enough to say its usable?
> what about specifically in conjunction with vserver?
> <drew>

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