Re: [vserver] Moving away from VServer

From: Romain Rivière <>
Date: Fri 18 Jun 2021 - 11:24:18 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,

On 13/06/2021 15:19, Tor Rune Skoglund wrote:
> That is really interesting. Our company is using Linux-Vserver quite a
> lot, on Gentoo too, and have on our todo-list to provide an update of
> util-vserver and the kernel compilation routine who would fix some of
> the old stuff that gives warnings and problems. Last summer, we make a
> util-vserver compilation routine (as a test case ) which compiled
> without using beecrypt, for instance.

Yup, that was my first step too. I was gladly surprised to find out that
switching to nss was so easy.

> It is our intention to make this in a "proper" way also, and release it
> for others.
> I see that you plan to move away from Linux-Vserver. Sorry to hear that,
> but if you are interested, we would be very much glad to help or look
> into the issues you are facing now, if that is an option for you. We are
> also in the process of updating to gcc 10, and any issues here will need
> to be looked into anyways.

Well, feel free to dig into the dietlibc build log I just attached in
reply to Herbert's log, and I'd be happy to provide you with further
information if needed :)

As of now, I haven't tried the latest VS patch against the latest 4.9
kernel in too much depth (there are a few rejected hunks, is all I saw,
no idea how much there is to fix). If there was an "easy" way to stick
to vserver, I'd probably stick with it. But Herbert's words sound sadly
true: if it has now become a project used by a handful of enthusiasts
only, its regrettable demise is only a matter of time, in which case I'd
rather migrate sooner than later with my back to the wall.

Again, these emails are not written out of spite or anger, I hope that's
clear :) It's just always a bit sad to see a project quietly fade away
and I thought I would at least send kind words at the people responsible
for the project :)


Romain Rivire
Received on Fri Jun 18 11:08:20 2021
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