Re: [vserver] Moving away from VServer

From: Ghislain Adnet <>
Date: Thu 17 Jun 2021 - 15:51:00 BST
Message-ID: <>

> Sadly the interest in Linux-VServer has declined over the years
> and it seems, that everybody would like to see a patch against
> the most recent kernel but nobody wants to spend the time or
> money on it to make it happen.


  sure that the linux container space have been quite busy with docker and all lately, also systemd is slowly killing it as most of the linux distributions cannot be run inside a guest now :(

  For us we use vserver as a linux jail on steroid, i proposed to help fund the 5.10 patch but no one responded to join me on this effort on the list as far as i recall. I can make the same pledge here again.

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