Re: [vserver] util-vserver maintenance and progression

From: Ben Green <>
Date: Wed 16 Aug 2017 - 10:01:34 BST
Message-ID: <>

Quoting Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>:

> Hi,
> Ben Green wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> recently I compiled util-vserver with a very useful patch by
>> Alexanders which make its work with systemd hosts.
> Does this work without breaking existing functionality? IIRC that was the
> problem originally with the patches to enable that.

Thanks for getting back to us Daniel!

I've not found any problems with the patch so far. There's been some
odd behaviour on my desktop machine, but all the other test
environments I've tried it seems fine.

>> I'd like this to be merged upstream, but the
>> river has run dry.
> I haven't gotten any direct emails or notifications from github, so curious
> how you determined that?

There's the pull request from 23rd July 2016. You've not responded to
it since then, there's been no response to the pull request #25
either. The last time you communicated via github was is March 2014,
so I think I can be forgiven for assuming that wasn't a good
communication channel for you.

As for direct mail, I didn't want to disturb you if you were keeping a
distance from the project, this was clearly a mistake on my part and
in future I will send an email to you.

You have been largely unresponsive on your usual channels of
communication. It's absolutely your right to do that and I have no
judgement against it. I realise that the project has been somewhat
languid due primarily to it working so well without need of any
changes, and that I'm now pushing for changes due to my own personal
needs, which you can help with or not as you see fit.

Most of us hate systemd and the way it was plopped onto all our heads
like a unfortunate seagull crap, but it appears to be here to stay and
I just want to try to cope with it now.

> Generally, you would just include the patches on top of the upstream tarball
> in your package, just bumping the release number appropriately. No need to
> rename anything, as that just causes confusion and unhappiness.

I wanted to provide a repository with both the upstream and the
AlexanderS branch. To that end I've rebuilt the packages with the
following names and included them in the Psand repository:

util-vserver-systemd - utilities for managing Linux-VServer guests
util-vserver-systemd-build - tools which can be used to build vservers
util-vserver-systemd-core - core utilities of util-vserver-systemd
util-vserver-systemd-legacy - legacy scripts for util-vserver-systemd
util-vserver-systemd-python - python-bindings for util-vserver-systemd
util-vserver-systemd-sysv - initscripts for util-vserver-systemd

The original util-vserver versions are still in the repository and
I'll continue to maintain them if any changes to util-vserver come
from upstream.

I'd love it if people would test these packages, let me know of any problems.

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