[vserver] Vserver to OpenVZ migration

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Date: Wed 09 Apr 2014 - 16:50:15 BST
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Hi again,

Hopefully I am querying the right place as i'm attempting to migrate a VSERVER VPS to OpenVZ.

OpenVZ stores it's disk quota alongside ifconfig informations under "/etc/vz/conf/$VEID.conf"

What is the equivalence in VSERVER? I am aware that according to http://linux-vserver.org/Building_Guest_Systems the ethernet informations are sometimes(or always?) passed via the vserver command (Such as several examples taken from the previous URL show: vserver vserver1 build -m debootstrap --context<http://linux-vserver.org/Context> 42 --hostname vserver1.mydomain.com --interface eth0: -- -d lenny -m http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian)

However when editing the /etc/network/interfaces off the VPS, it doesn't show anything. Same for setting the HD quota: I have no clue where to set it up. I can however live w/out finding this information as the VPS does boot up correctly but remains unreachable via SSH.


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