Re: [vserver] Cloning a vserver

From: Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>
Date: Thu 20 Mar 2014 - 19:28:14 GMT
Message-ID: <>


Tor Rune Skoglund wrote:
> Hello List,
> the wiki says
> "Building guests using the clone build method
> The clone build method copies the filesystem from one guest to another,
> much like the rsync build method, but the thing that separates it is
> that it knows about unified/hashified files. This means that it only
> creates new links for such files, and copies the rest, which can lead to
> significantly speedier builds."
> but that seem to indicate that the vserver that is being cloned has to
> be hasified in the first place.(?) Wouldn't cloning using some kind of
> "hashification process" for the whole file system directly be a huge
> space saver (and faster)?

I'm not really sure what you're saying. You mean like using a COW-filesystem
layer and snapshots? That would be much faster.

> If I would like to clone a vserver, and at the same time saving disk
> space as much as possible, I guess I would have to hashify just that
> source server first, then do the clone operation.

Yes. Hashify your source guest, and clone will use hardlinks to build guests


> Any thoughts?
> Best regards,
> Tor Rune Skoglund,
Received on Thu Mar 20 19:28:21 2014

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