Re: [vserver] Running Linux vServer and KVM on same Server

From: Urban Loesch <>
Date: Thu 29 Aug 2013 - 10:00:14 BST
Message-ID: <>


thanks for your fast answer.

>> Have anyone of you experience with a setup like this?
> Yes, and it works well ;)
> (BTW, the Proxmox distribution runs a similar setup, but with OpenVZ
> for containers.)

Yes we have two proxmox machines running for a customer. Works very good
too. But our main servers like mailserver or webserver are running with
linux-vserver and we don't want change virtualization technology due to the
fact that it is working very well.

>> Are there any problems expectet to run linux-vserver and kvm
>> together?
> Not that I'm aware of (modulo the fact that I run this setup on more
> older kernel than your's [Debian Squeeze ones])

We will get 3.10.x with kvm a chance. If there are some problem we let you

>> Or are there some other better full virtualization technologies which
>> we don't know?
> You can achieve full virtualization also with Xen, but I won't call it
> better ... ;)

We have never tried XEN. With kvm we have a little experience due to proxmox, which helps
us here.

Many thanks
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