[vserver] Yum util-vserver patch for CentOS6

From: Phil Daws <uxbod_at_splatnix.net>
Date: Tue 19 Jun 2012 - 17:07:26 BST
Message-ID: <1187263704.545844.1340122046761.JavaMail.root@splatnix.net>


does anybody have a working patch for yum as the util-vserver one only goes up to 3.2.27. The yum version in CentOS 6.2 is:

Installed: yum-3.2.29-22.el6.centos.2.noarch at 2012-06-19 06:26

Any help would be gratefully appreciate.

Thanks, Phil 

Received on Tue Jun 19 17:07:46 2012
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