Re: [vserver] Ubuntu 10.4.4, cron and upstart

From: Grzegorz Nosek <>
Date: Thu 15 Mar 2012 - 10:35:45 GMT
Message-ID: <>

W dniu 15.03.2012 11:08, Mike O'Connor pisze:
> Hi Herbert
> I've checked a number of non guest Ubuntu installs and I can not find
> any process which creates a socket like this. (using lsof) and there is
> no process which I can see which looks like it could be the one which
> would be used.
> Does any one have any idea of the process which Ubuntu uses for this ?
> It seems to me that it would be the init process, but that's running.

Are you sure you've got initstyle set to plain? Maybe the init you're
seeing is a fake one (IIRC Linux-VServer emulates one when needed). In
general, I found this page useful:

Anyway, I've been bitten by this bug:

so services still fail to stop/restart. At the very least, they do start
properly during vserver startup. As I'm on an older kernel version and
Herbert will surely tell me to upgrade first, can anybody else reproduce
this bug? On what kernel versions?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
  Grzegorz Nosek
Received on Thu Mar 15 10:35:56 2012

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