Re: [vserver] Networktroubles centos6

From: Steve Kieu <>
Date: Fri 09 Mar 2012 - 21:36:31 GMT
Message-ID: <>

What is the network configuration for the window XP box? How the network in
the host machine configured like how many NICs, and IP assignment to
vserver/ the kvm etc..

Instead of rebooting if your NIC driver is loaded as module, did you try to
unload/reload it and see if problem disappear?

I got some network problems before with stock kernel something
(from and with vserver patch) in some cases - esp. multiple
nics/networks gateway setup. I swtich to and no problem so far.

Did you see anything in the dmesg log? Something abt warn slow path in
networking stack?

On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 11:43 PM, Roman Pretory <> wrote:

> Hello
> I have in the moment curious networktroubles
> The system is a Centos 6.2 fully updated.
> Kernel and Utils are from
> on this server is running a Vserver Centos 5 with samba und a qemu with
> windows xp
> It's running without any troubles 1 Month or so now,
> normaly I have 60Mbit by samba file copy.
> if the server is resarted it begin after 2 hourers or a days later that
> they have errors in the connection.
> in this time I have only 128kbit by file copy and the ping to the server is
> on gbLan over 90ms.
> The strange is that the virtuell xp have no troubles, all is running fine,
> if I stop all virtual servers the ping to the hostsystem makes no change,
> only reboot bring back normal status.
> I have looked in top, netstat, logs nothing, also stopping alles
> unnesessary service make no change..
> so I have change the networkcard from an intel Destopadapter to a realtech,
> the result is that the troubles came faster back.
> The last idea I have is that the motherboard is overclocking the pci bus..
> and i have to change to a pci-e card
> if anyone have an better idea for me I would be happy.
> --
> Roman

Steve Kieu
Received on Fri Mar 9 21:36:40 2012
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