Re: [vserver] New package in the Squeeze repository and some plans

From: Jean Weisbuch <>
Date: Thu 23 Feb 2012 - 12:46:48 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Le 22/02/2012 17:20, Ben Green a écrit :
> Hi vserverers,
> linux-image-3.0.22-vs2.3.2.3 and 0.30.216-pre3025 have just landed in
> the repositories. Please report any issues. Read
> first though.
> I plan to begin roll packages for Squeeze within the next month or
> two. I'll probably go for a 3.2 kernel, basing my config on the Debian
> one. I'll also start rolling 3.2 for Squeeze soon and probably not
> bother to roll 3.0 any more.
> Cheers,
> ==
> From Ben Green

I had issues with the latest vserver-utils because it seems to require
gawk and its not a package dependency so there was a warning that gawk
was not found every time the "vserver" command on the systems (Debian
Squeeze and maybe some Ubuntu Lucid).

Could you add gawk as a package dependency if possible?

Thanks by advance.
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