Re: [vserver] New package in the Squeeze repository and some plans

From: Ben Green <>
Date: Thu 23 Feb 2012 - 11:54:23 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Quoting Sergiusz Pawlowicz <>:

> Hi Ben, is it compatible with general vserver idea to have 3.0.x as
> stable version?
> cheers!
> Serge

I'll see how that plan pans out, it seems that more development is
happening in the 3.2 patch now, with features backported to the 3.0
patch. I might have got this wrong, but that's my memory at to what's
been happening.

There is also the advantage that Debian will be using 3.2 for the next
release. I'm happy to go for 3.0, these are only outline plans, lets
see what other people think.

 From Ben Green
Received on Thu Feb 23 11:54:34 2012

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