[vserver] util-vserver improvement

From: Steve Kieu <msh.computing_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun 05 Feb 2012 - 23:40:58 GMT
Message-ID: <CAAQ-o+-gdsugPprwCP1uecDbGDKw=Oy7vvwjBLtn3jy8DQ42hA@mail.gmail.com>


In my machine whenever I so /etc/init.d/util-vserver start I got error:

mount: special device vserver does not exist

The actual problem is that the mount command add an option -o memory like

/bin/mount -t cgroup -o cpuset,cpu,cpuacct,memory vserver /dev/cgroup

But in my desktop to save some memory I disable memory so it failed.

In case I still want to use cpu and cpuacct for example I still want cgroup

Can function _generateCgroupOptions detect the enabled bit
in /proc/cgroups and if it is 0 then not adding that to the mount command?
That will fix the problem.

 maybe I will fix it myself and post a patch later if I am not too busy
today ...


Steve Kieu
Received on Sun Feb 5 23:41:17 2012
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