Re: [vserver] vserver guest memory usage: cache/buffers?

From: Jarry <>
Date: Tue 29 Nov 2011 - 21:40:58 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On 29-Nov-11 21:40, Herbert Poetzl wrote:

>> And what is even worse, it seems there are actually
>> no limits at all. vserver-stat show that vs-guest
>> takes more memory than I allowed. But the "old way"
>> (rss.soft, rss.hard) at least works. Strange...
> I'm pretty sure it doesn't work with kernels newer than
> 2.6.34 though, because the code doing that simply isn't
> there anymore :)

I see I mixed it a "little bit". I'm running 2 kernels:

1). 2.6.35 with vs2., where memory limits
     using cgroups do not work. I have no idea why...

2). 2.6.22 with vs2.2.0.7, where memory limits
     using rss.hard and rss.soft do work. Only with
     this kernel I see correct limited memory in vs-guest.

There is one more vserver-patch in my repository (2.3.1
maybe for kernel 3.x?), but it is masked as "unstable".
I'm not sure it is suitable for server, but I'll try it.


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