Re: [vserver] patch: vdevmap fix for util-vserver 0.30.216-pre2967

From: Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>
Date: Sun 22 May 2011 - 12:50:41 BST
Message-ID: <43570.>

Corey Wright wrote:
> the attached patch is similar to patches i've previously submitted to fix
> vdevmap support in util-vserver, but specific to 0.30.216-pre2967.
> just yesterday i noted the new version of util-vserver, previously using
> 0.30.216-pre2955, and tonight tested it, confirmed the vdevmap support is
> still broken, applied the attached patch to the source, and created a
> properly patched package (evidenced by the debian changelog entry in the
> patch).

This is one of many things that is going to get fixed with the rewrite of
vserver.start and vserver.stop. Doing it after it has already started
means that initscripts which wish to do this would fail, which is one of
the most common uses for this feature (for me, anyway).

> thanks for util-vserver and the debian source package (ie the "debian"
> directory within the source tarball).
> corey
> --

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
Received on Sun May 22 12:50:52 2011
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