Re: [vserver] is default squeeze kernel and util-vserver ok?

From: Ben Green <>
Date: Sat 14 May 2011 - 20:14:34 BST
Message-ID: <>

Quoting "Eugen Leitl" <>:

> I'm having strange problems with
> E.g. util-vserver-basic-debian seems to be no longer there
> (but I can see it on another machine?! is that an i386/amd64 problem?).
> How braindead are the current official squeeze kernels?
> Can they be used in production or is there show-stopping
> brokenness?

I'm no longer supporting utils-vserver-basic-debian. I only used it
one production environment. There's util-vserver now though (much more
up-to-date that the Debian one). Getting from
utils-vserver-basic-debian to util-vserver is not pleasant, but if you
are conversant with the way vserver works you'll be fine. You'll need
to completely remove utils-vserver-basic-debian from your system,
then I'd advise creating the symlink of your choice as
/etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase as it will get removed. There were a
few other hiccups but it should be fine.

There's no newvserver nor the other Debian tools in the
packages, you'll need install and use util-vserver-build and use it
with "vserver build ..." to get any new guests built.

The Squeeze kernels from Debians own repository look good and the
utils look pretty good, though I'm using the 2.6.36
(linux-image-vserver-2.6.36-beng) as the whole cgroups thing is more
mature there, and the newer util-vserver has many many bug fixes and
the like. Using cgroups for memory limiting has made things
excruciatingly stable, and I might actually get a holiday soon :)

 From Ben Green

Received on Sat May 14 20:14:46 2011
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