[vserver] Ocf resource agent

From: Olivier BATARD <obatard_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat 10 Apr 2010 - 09:09:06 BST
Message-Id: <782F2610-828E-4DFE-B289-4A206457BBFE@gmail.com>


I've set up a Debian Lenny pacemaker / corosync / drbd cluster with vservers. Each vserver is on a drbd device with lvm and meta internal.

I've set up drbd resources and filesystem resource, everything woeks fine, failover is nice but now I want to have a resource to start and stop vserver ? Does anyone know how to do that ? I've found several script with google for heartbeat but doesn't work so much ... especially with the meta part.

Any experiences ?


Received on Sat Apr 10 09:09:24 2010

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