[vserver] Linux-vServer Support in libvirt

From: Walter Stanish <walter.stanish_at_saffrondigital.com>
Date: Thu 01 Apr 2010 - 23:15:55 BST
Message-ID: <BCA4D61ED76EFA4291A2B05893B89217028CE5EE@tarantino.filmnight.internal>

Hi libvir-list (cc: vserver list),

I am another Linux-vServer user who would like to see support in libvirt.

>From a very brief look back through the archives it appears that there may have been some architectural concerns re: libvirt's assumptions about what kind of network stack a virtualisation platform provides, in that Linux-vServer doesn't use a traditional approach to networking and thus may break previously valid assumptions.

I found 2007 posts and a post last year (2009).

Would it be possible for someone with a good overall understanding of previous integration attempts and the results thereof to summarise what issues were encountered and how difficult it would be to overcome these, so that users can understand what's going on.


- Walter
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