Re: [vserver] XFS read-only bind mount issue

From: Corey Wright <>
Date: Thu 01 Apr 2010 - 18:46:32 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Thu, 01 Apr 2010 10:58:58 +0200
Ghislain <> wrote:

> > I first observed this problem after an upgrade to
> > which I built myself. After reading about various XFS issues in
> > "recent" kernels I tried using an image from the psand repository:
> > I still observe the same behavior. Up
> > until this recent upgrade I had been using the debian etch kernel
> > 2.6.18-6-vserver-amd64. Oddly, switching back to this kernel doesn't
> > resolve the issue, so perhaps it's not vserver related at all ... or
> > it could be util-vserver related. I haven't tried changing my
> > util-vserver version yet.
> when you upgrade to 2.3 you MUST use 2.3 tools that is the lastest from
> daniel repository from source or from beng debian package repository (
> utils-vserver-basic-debian package)
> see

or backport what's in testing/squeeze to stable/lenny, as i've been testing and 0.30.216-pre2864 has worked so far (at least
with ext3).

it's pretty easy (see attached patch for required changes to package):
 * wget -Nv
 * dpkg-source -x util-vserver_0.30.216-pre2864-1.dsc
 * cd util-vserver-0.30.216-pre2864
 * patch -p1 <../util-vserver_0.30.216-pre2864-1~udo50+1.patch
 * dpkg-buildpackage -D -us -uc

sorry, i've used the util-vserver utilities compiled from source and they
work just as well as those in the debian package (as should be expected),
but i've personally found the start-up scripts in the debian package better
integrate with a debian system than those upstream, so i lean towards the
debian package (thanks micah).


Received on Thu Apr 1 18:46:53 2010
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