Re: [vserver] About Ubuntu Karmic Koala ...

From: John Feuerstein <>
Date: Sun 29 Nov 2009 - 12:55:44 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Dragan Saraginov wrote:
> I followed the instructions described at
> and upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10
> went fine. But there is an issue with starting cron daemon. The
> 'service crond restart' complains about not being able to connect to
> '/com/ubuntu/upstart'

Some questions if you're using

Did you patch the guest's upstart as described in the wiki?
Do you have a /sbin/init process with pid 1 within your guest?
Did you restart the guest after the upgrade, and more important,
is the running init process provided by the old sysv-init or by upstart?

Note that upstart's /sbin/init creates a private dbus socket at
/com/ubuntu/upstart, which is used by the upstart tools if invoked as
root. If you want to query upstart about anything as a non-root user,
you need dbus-daemon to do access control.

By the way, the default cron daemon service is simply called "cron".
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