Re: [vserver] vserver-guest & VMware/Wine?

From: Jarry <>
Date: Fri 20 Nov 2009 - 16:29:37 GMT
Message-ID: <>

pmenier wrote:

> I've tested this a few years ago. It was running (slowly).
> I had mounted /usr/src on the guest ( --bind) and /lib/modules, too, to
> be able to compile vmware modules.
> Then i adjust capabilities as mentionned above and that's all. But
> honestly, it was just for fun...
> Here some notes (sorry it's in french...)
> Info : tested on with vmware-server 1.0.1

Thank you very much. I'll try to use "google translate" on those
web-pages, because I do not understand french. Anyway your experience
is very valuable...


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