Re: [vserver] vserver-guest & VMware/Wine?

From: pmenier <>
Date: Fri 20 Nov 2009 - 08:12:51 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Jarry a écrit :
> Martin wrote:
>>> is it possible to install and run VMware-workstation or Wine
>>> on vserver-guest? I have some Windows(TM) software I want to
>>> run on my server, so my choice is VMware/workstation or Wine.
>> Wine should run fine as it is just a user space process (caveates about
>> running an XServer on a guest apply, if your display is remote you
>> should be fine).
> May I ask which caveates you have in mind? Because I want to run
> xserver on the same vserver-guest, and did not find it listed
> in "Problematic Programs"...
> > The only problems you are likely to have with VMWare
>> is if it requires a kernel module or special access to kernel features /
>> devices. If it runs as a normal user space process you should be fine.
> VMware is listed in "Problematic Programs" with this info:
> > VMware Server needs the following capabilities to run correctly:
> > WARNING: this configuration reduces security
> So probably it could run. And I suppose VMware/workstation is
> not much different from VMware/server. Anyway I would be pleased
> to hear someone having personal experience with any of those two
> (Wine or VMware/workstation)...
> Jarry
I've tested this a few years ago. It was running (slowly).
I had mounted /usr/src on the guest ( --bind) and /lib/modules, too, to
be able to compile vmware modules.

Then i adjust capabilities as mentionned above and that's all. But
honestly, it was just for fun...

Here some notes (sorry it's in french...)

Info : tested on with vmware-server 1.0.1

Received on Fri Nov 20 08:13:08 2009

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