[vserver] exitLikeprocess() never returns

From: Chaitra Gorantla <Chaitra.Gorantla_at_lntinfotech.com>
Date: Fri 21 Aug 2009 - 12:15:31 BST
Message-ID: <OF28C0D387.E0979163-ON65257619.003D8046-65257619.003DD879@lntinfotech.com>

Hi all,

I am Using Linux Vserver patch- on MontaVista
Linux( kernel 2.6.21) Carrier Grade Edition 5.0, x86_64 bit architecture.

The Util Vserver tools version is util-vserver-0.30.215.

The command used to run the vserver instance is as below:
vserver <name> start

The command does not give any error nor exits. It keeps runnning always.
While debugging this problem,
This call has been made from the user space tool,
util-vserver/lib_internal/util-exitlikeprocess.c file.
The exitlikeprocess() fincyion never returns.

Is it the problem of the util-vserver-0.30.215 tool or from the kernel.
Please suggest how to proceed..

Received on Fri Aug 21 12:15:46 2009

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