[vserver] Up-to-date stable version?

From: Claus Herwig <lists_at_checon.de>
Date: Mon 10 Aug 2009 - 21:50:27 BST
Message-ID: <4A808813.1040004@checon.de>


as I've to compile a new kernel for one of my vserver boxes, it's time
to come back to this much loved question:

Which (vanilla) kernel and which vserver patch version should I use for
a production system?

I know this question isn't entirely new, but even after scanning through
the last months of mailing list posts I'm missing a simple answer ;-)

The website states + vs2.2.0.7, which is, well, ancient (1.5
years old i.E.)

A second look at the website says + vs2., which is
experimental, what (at least for me) means that I shouldn't use it on a
production system.

Then I read in some other post, that it is of course useable in
production - which just leads to another question: Why is it called


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