Re: [vserver] which guest hit the memory limit?

From: Jeff Jansen <>
Date: Fri 24 Jul 2009 - 01:54:57 BST
Message-ID: <>

ADNET Ghislain <> wrote on 2009-Jul-24:
> grep -H RSS /proc/virtual/*/limit

That's *very* helpful information, thanks. But I'm a bit confused. Here's the
RSS line from one vserver

Limit current min/max soft/hard hits
RSS: 91059 0/ 262144 393216/ 393216 11

According to "":

'max' = "Maximum value since the last reset"
'hits' = "Total amount of current reaching hard".

How can I have 11 hits when the max is still less than hard? Do "hits" get
carried over somehow after 'resets' and all those "hits" are from when 'hard'
was lower?

Is there some way I can 'reset' these figures without booting the virtual
machine? After I increase the Hard limit in a running server, can I reset the
'hits' to be '0' so I can see later if this machine hits the limit again?

Thanks again for the tip. That's a very help file. :-)

Jeff Jansen
Received on Fri Jul 24 01:55:21 2009

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