[vserver] vserver - event with virtual machine

From: <For_at_ll>
Date: Sat 18 Jul 2009 - 01:20:02 BST
Message-ID: <4A611532.6040301@stalowka.info>


I have a very development server for my testing with vserver, on this
server works a tree virtual machines and today I was install a fourth
virtual machine (name a foo4). I forgot add a new adres to the nat
server, and it's install not good, I try remove foo4 but I write a
command like rm -rf /opt/virtual/, in this direcory I have all virtual
machine /opt/virtual/foo,foo1,foo3 all machine was ruuning, when I try
vserver foo1 enter, upps I can't login, I look in /opt/virtual/ and I
see all machine but they are have only three directory dev,proc,initrd,
the other direcotory was removed.

Now I have question is any way in this case if somebody write a mistake
command like rm -rf /path/where/i/have/machine the directory with a
virtual machine can't removed?


Received on Sat Jul 18 01:20:15 2009

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