Re: [vserver] Can Windows OS run on VServer?

From: Stephen Liu <>
Date: Mon 11 May 2009 - 02:39:54 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your advice.

--- Matt Paine <> wrote:

> > Can MS Windows, such as vista, server 2008, etc. run as guest on
> > VServer? TIA
> >
> Linux-VServer is an Operating System Virtualization technique.
> Basically
> it can run many OS guests, all on the same kernel. So if you can get
> Vista or Server 2008 to run on a linux 2.6 variant kernel, then I
> guess
> yes you can :)

Is this technology termed as parallel virtualization? So all servers
running on VServer must be on linux 2.6 variant kernel. Can linux 2.5
variant kernel mixed with 2.6 version?

> (although I suspect that to be more difficult than I suggested
> above).
> I would bet you could run Vista on a VMWare Server instance under a
> Fedora guest running a Centos host running Linux-Vserver - but thats
> probably not what your after.

That is NOT my venture on this testing. I have been testing KVM, Qemu,
Xen, OpenVZ, etc. before. I can make MS Windows to run on KVM (Qemu)
but NOT on the later 2. Is there alternative?

Stephen L

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