Re: [vserver] Networking setup question

From: Matt Paine <>
Date: Wed 18 Mar 2009 - 12:28:01 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi Herbert

> the dummy interface is never needed, unless you
> actually want to discard packets during routing, or
> test a software which only broadcasts stuff you are
> not interested in ...
This is what I originally expected - although I was supprised when I
could not get internet connectivity from the guest - I originally
thought it was routing issues, but iptables was all I needed :) (oh, and
the refresh on how iptables works etc etc - damn getting used to gui's
for most things!)

> but it seems that folks are happier to bind the
> guest IPs to dummy0 than to eth0 or lo, fact is, that
> for outgoing traffic one of the ethX devices will be
> used and for local traffic (Host-Guest, Guest-Guest)
> lo, otherwise it would not work :)
As a way of getting it to work I was very happy binding it to dummy0 -
but now I have a better understanding, bye bye dummy0 :)

Thanks again
Received on Wed Mar 18 12:28:22 2009

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